Selina De Maeyer (°1987) is a Belgian photographer who refuses to follow the general trend dictated by the photographic industry. She loves to carve out her own world that is balanced somewhere between fragility and strength, and aims to create a unique feeling in everyone who views her work.


"Light is something that attracts me. It tells me a lot about aesthetics and atmosphere and helps create and paint the feelings I want to convey, a deep inner feeling. Every picture has a story of its own. Freezing time. I always want to shoot people with an internal expression or emotion that shines through in their eyes."

"I picked up the camera for the first time at the age of 18. Coming from an artistic family background, I decided to become a full-time photographer and today I shoot portfolios for models and actors, catalogs, campaigns, creative works and art projects."

"When i'm shooting, everything else around me ceases to exist and I enter another world."

"Learning is something you will do your whole life. I believe an artist should never stop learning, and keep hunting down and absorbing new knowledge. Long before I started photographing I used to draw and learned a lot from my father. "

"I create what I feel, I AM my photos, it is like a mirror, in which you can recognize happiness, sadness etc..."

"I am a very emotional personality. I do not look for perfection. Perfect is not perfect. It is accepting and working with the imperfection, which creates the perfection. "

"Each image should be a window to a new world that feels so real, just like you are having a vivid dream. "

"How do i see the world of photography today?
While I was still studying I learned the most basic principles of photography by working with an analog camera.
Then everything became digital. Since its birth and for around 100 years, photography hasn’t changed that much if you think about it. You had a box with a lens attached which streams light in and records it onto a film plane and now onto a digital sensor.
Technology is still moving at a rapid rate and new features and inventions that make our lives easier are appearing all the time. So, will there be room and opportunities for more "professional photographers" in the future?
Absolutely! After all, everyone in the 18th century could afford a paint brush but not just anyone could "master" it!
Regardless of where technology takes us, I think people will always have a penchant for beautiful things whether it is an old painting or a photograph."

"I follow Beauty, I follow Love, I follow Light. THE Light. He who IS beauty, love and light guides me in everything I do and create. In the very first place above everything else. If God is anything, HE is understanding."

"Stay true to yourself! No matter what other people say, do what YOU want to do, NOT what THEY want you to do!"